Copper Crow Distillary

Copper Crow Distillary. THE SPIRIT OF THE SUPERIOR. 

When we made the decision to make spirits, we knew one thing for certain – THE PLACE.

The Lake Superior communities of Bayfield and Red Cliff combine to make up the beautiful place that we call home. There’s something special about this area that brings people back – a SPIRIT. We are not alone in thinking that this is a great place.  Our distillery is designed to do this destination justice.

At Copper Crow, we think we’ve got Bayfield and Red Cliff bottled up pretty well. Using fresh, regional ingredients, Copper Crow creates small, distinctive batches inspired by the spirit and purity of the big lake we call SUPERIOR.  And once you get a taste, we know you’ll agree.    

Make us your DESTINATION. Take a detour from the ordinary and stop by Copper Crow Distillery for a pour as pure as the place.


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