Waterfalls – Wisconsin is a land of many lakes, rivers and forests and a fair number of waterfalls. Most of the falls are better described as rapids, but some are quite impressive. Big Manitou is the tallest falls in the state, but my personal favorites are Lower Potato Falls and Willow Falls.

Sites like Brainy Geography list many waterfalls for Wisconsin about which I have not been able to find any information. I suspect most of these are just small rapids, and only included a few on the map. Skillet Falls is a 10 foot drop enjoyed by kayaker’s in the spring. Big Smoky Falls and LaSalle Falls are also enjoyed by whitewater enthusiasts.

Northern Wisconsin has many rocky waterfalls, and others can be found just across the border in Michigan’s U.P. There are also several waterfalls in and around Minneapolis which is just a short drive from western Wisconsin.

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